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    28 Feb 2015

    Some features contrasting old and new medicine

  2. Go forth and replicate: excellent essay on the replication crisis in science by

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    Sitting—especially prolonged, uninterrupted bouts—correlates with heightened all-cause mortality

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    Hidden heritability across populations related to gene X environment and Δ phenotypic definition

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    Our digital times :-)

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  12. Sep 9
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    Related: "Goldilocks" lungs: a fine balance between inflammation and immunity

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  14. Sep 9

    No wonder why can be so difficult-to-treat, as this algorithm alone conveys (from a super review )

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  16. Sep 8
  17. Sep 8
    , , and 5 others
  18. Sep 8

    Connexins are connected with a diverse set of diseases; here's a nice infographic that summarizes the field

  19. Sep 8

    What a treat to discuss the future of neuroscience w/ the brilliant , a pioneer of

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