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  1. Daily reminder that Canada has the fastest replacement rate in the world‼️ ( vid >>> )

  2. 12 hours ago

    Sued by for not taking off his shoes, he's fighting back! asks you to help: |

  3. 18 hours ago
  4. The UK's "Official Jews" have submitted to the Islamification of UK society. They're like the Judenrat of the Holocaust's ghettos.

  5. Tabitha, Taryn & Tanner: Our PM does not represent this Canadian who honours hero, husband & father, Sgt First Class Christopher Speer 🇺🇸

  6. Khadr: >terrorist >terrorist family >killed US medic (father of 2) >blinded another awards him $10M from the public purse‼️

  7. UN admits 7/10 migrants from Libya are NOT refugees. Your "humanitarian" argument is invalid.

  8. Jul 3
  9. 29 May 2015

    Reminder: ~97 CAF members were killed by explosives similar to those is pictured building here

  10. Al Qaida terrorist Omar Khadr murdered a U.S. army medic named Christopher Speer. Justin Trudeau is about to pay him $10,000,000.

  11. Jul 3

    Daily Reminder showed the world that the Birthplace of Jesus Christ is now Predominantly Muslim occupied.

  12. Important topic covered by : The Great Replacement

  13. Even with a "womb transplant" every cell in your body will have a Y chromosome, bud. Selfish sickness.

  14. Alberta NDP "diversity": everyone except oil patch workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and "sewer rats". You're the extremist.

  15. If I had a sock for every gender there was ✌🏻

  16. Can't tell if she's faking it or genuinely delusional: Paranoid Muslim woman thinks whitey is out to get her 24/7

  17. Jul 1


  18. Jul 2

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