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  1. A young workforce is a risk factor for harassment in the workplace, and a clear red flag for Congress, where 42% of staffers are between the ages of 21 and 24.

  2. The West is burning, and climate change is partly to blame. (We published this piece in October 2016.)

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    He could be a combination of Yu Darvish and Hideki Matsui. MLB hasn't seen anything like Shohei Ohtani, says .

  4. Minnesota will likely stay blue in 2018 -- but because of the political environment, not because of anything fundamental about Minnesota.

  5. Congress has many of the characteristics for a work environment where sexual harassment is tolerated or even encouraged.

  6. Who will Shohei Ohtani hit like?

  7. Really, Minnesota is a purple state.

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    Dec 6

    in which puts words to why our national conversation about science is a mess (hint it's not because science is broken)

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  10. After an incident but before filing a complaint in Congress, victims are required to undergo two months of counseling and “mediation,” then wait an additional 30 days before filing their complaint.

  11. Any general claims of rising violent crime in America should be taken with a grain of salt.

  12. Who will Shohei Ohtani pitch like?

  13. The chance of a big error may be unusually high in Alabama.

  14. The workplace culture in Congress fuels sexual harassment.

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    We'll get a special election in his district, AZ-8, which is very Republican-leaning. Democrats are big underdogs, but it will be an interesting dress rehearsal to see if they can keep the margin close, as Arizona is pivotal to their hopes in 2018 (and maybe also 2020).

  16. The Senate has voted 81-14 to ward off a shutdown, and extend government funding for 2 weeks.

  17. What do you do with a guy who pitches like Yu Darvish and hits like Hideki Matsui?

  18. This is the second installment of FiveThirtyEight’s podcast series “The Gerrymandering Project.”

  19. The House voted 235-193 to extend government funding for 2 weeks and avert a government shutdown. (Trump supports the resolution.)

  20. Even if Alabama’s special election were just a normal Senate campaign with normal candidates, a lead in the low single digits would be far from secure.

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