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The Hoover Institution, within Stanford University, is a public policy research center promoting the principles of individual, economic, and political freedom.

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  1. Davenport: Some good things are happening in our democratic system.

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    8 hours ago
  3. What a Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Learned From Condoleezza Rice: A conversation with via

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    18 hours ago

    Bing West: Treat North Korea Like Other Nuclear-armed Adversaries via

  5. Full-length Firing Line videos now available online: via

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    Sep 4

    Are foundations bad 4 democracy? Are they 2 powerful? TWET is on the past and present of philanthropy:

  7. The 50 Reading List, ft. The End of the Asian Century by :

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    "Merkel must stand up to Putin over the hacking of democracy" Time for NATOs Article 4. By yrs truly &

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    Sep 3

    New to my : what reading btwn the lines of Obama's Oval Office note to Trump says about these times.

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    Sep 3
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    Sep 4

    New Video! "Why Is Health Insurance so Complicated?" with

  12. US has regained foothold as leader in East Asia by Thomas Henriksen via

  13. Sep 5
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    Join us on Friday to discuss the latest findings from the 2017 :

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    Sep 5

    Always interesting to engage with - insightful questions, clear thinking, big issues. What now w/ on the way?

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    Sep 3
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    Sep 4

    The Grumpy Economist: Tax Reform Again (VAT and nothing else)

  18. Sep 4

    "Fair versus Free" by Milton Friedman, 1977

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