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  1. Welcome to Glad you're joining us!

  2. Vacation time is over. Glad to be back tonight for

  3. WATCH: One man, a bag full of books, changing the world, one child at a time -

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  4. Looking forward to sharing this story with you all tonight as we kick off 2 weeks of .

  5. Congratulations and welcome Charley!

  6. As you may have seen, I had planned to anchor Nightly News from Hawaii today...

  7. On the scene of Oakland fire disaster preparing for tonight's NBCNightlyNews Broadcast

  8. Ahead on , the latest developments in the Walter Scott and Joe McKnight shooting death cases, and much more.

  9. Coming up on the Thursday edition of , we'll have the latest on Pres.-elect Trump's jobs deal with Carrier, and much more.

  10. On the Wednesday edition of , we're going to hear audio from the final minutes of the Brazilian soccer team's doomed flight.

  11. Checking out the Christmas tree from my office. The official lighting tonight after

  12. Back inside Studio 3B for the Tuesday edition of . We'll have the latest on the deadly wildfire in Tennessee, and much more.

  13. Coming to you from Havana tonight. But we'll have latest on the attack at Ohio State, including new info on suspect who was shot and killed.

  14. Water salute in Havana for first commercial flt as we arrive to cover death of Fidel Castro for

  15. We're following up on that horrible deadly Tennessee school bus crash tonight on .

  16. Now THAT was an adventure. See you shortly for

  17. From the plane to the car and now the subway. This is going to be close.

  18. Engines starting. Plane taxiing. Cell phones on plane mode as requested. Flight time 50 minutes. La Guardia here we come. Wish me luck.

  19. Just over 2 hours til and I'm still stuck on ground in Boston. Mission impossible?

  20. A look at what's ahead tonight on .

    A look at what's ahead tonight on @NBCNightlyNews.

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