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  1. Trump, Mnuchin & may be willing to gamble w/ our economy, but should side with ppl who want tougher Wall St rules.

  2. Steve Mnuchin would get to decide how to regulate 30 of our biggest banks – including the bank where he currently serves as board member.

  3. HR 6392 would take power away from independent regulators & give it to ’s choice for Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin.

  4. The banks cut loose by HR 6392 are the same size as the banks that helped bring down the economy in 2008. What could possibly go wrong?!

  5. . aren’t waiting for to roll back Wall St reform. HR 6392 guts Dodd-Frank rules for 30 of the biggest banks.

  6. I still oppose the 21st Century Cures Act. The American people deserve a better deal.

  7. 21st Century Cures still doesn’t do nearly enough to help generate real cures for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, & other deadly diseases.

  8. 21st Century Cures no longer lets drug companies hide kickbacks to doctors, but it still lets drug companies get away with fraud.

  9. Since the public got wind of the Big Pharma giveaways & Congress started feeling the heat, 21st Century Cures has changed a little.

  10. Heading to the Senate floor w/ & to discuss why I still oppose the Cures Act. Watch:

  11. My 150th climate speech is live on 2 at ~4:45pm. We've got to now & of special interests blocking action

  12. I’m proud to alongside workers in Massachusetts & nationwide.

  13. Building economic security starts by raising the min wage to $15/hr & making sure every worker has the right to join a union.

  14. No one who works full time should live in poverty. Not fast food workers, Uber drivers, or hardworking folks at .

  15. I told my Dem colleagues: We weren’t sent to Congress to roll over to drug companies. Show some spine & fight back.

  16. I know the difference between compromise & extortion – and I cannot vote for the 21st Century Cures Act as it currently stands.

  17. Every good proposal in the Cures Act will die unless Democrats help drug companies commit fraud, give out kickbacks, & put patients at risk.

  18. Congress has been working on medical innovation legislation for yrs. But in the final days of 2016, Big Pharma hijacked 21st Century Cures.

  19. Big Pharma has hijacked the 21st Century Cures Act. About to speak on the Sen floor about my concerns with the bill.

  20. Congress should pass the bipartisan Retirement Savings Lost & Found Act – a commonsense bill to help Americans retire with dignity.

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