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  1. Sep 8

    Automated rulings in sports can help inform the development of criminal justice tech. Affiliate comments.

  2. Retweeted
    Sep 7

    my RTBF article finally published on Colorado Tech L. Rev.

  3. Sep 6

    Privacy and the Dark Side of Control, new essay by Affiliate Scholar in

  4. Sep 5

    AI’s rapid advance sparks call for a code for robots. Affiliate Scholar weighs in.

  5. Sep 1

    "Communities of color across the US depend on an open internet to thrive," says Non-Residential Fellow .

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    Aug 31
  7. Aug 30

    Do We Need a Speedometer for Artificial Intelligence? “I’m not sure how useful it’ll be,” says Aff. Scholar .

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    Aug 28

    Me: We shd not expect the new speech gatekeepers to be benign forever, or to enforce rules that we agree w forever.

  9. Aug 28

    Court: Locating suspect via stingray definitely requires a warrant. said judge’s ruling was "careful,"

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    Aug 23

    India's Supreme Court says citizens have a fundamental right to privacy, in a landmark ruling

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    Aug 21

    Artificial Intelligence Policy: A Roadmap was the most downloaded paper on last week Thanks!

  12. Aug 22

    . says new sensor could ignite a debate about the "right to be left alone in public”.

  13. Aug 22
  14. Aug 18

    Sorry Elon Musk, the machines will not win. Affiliate Scholar 's new paper debunks the looming AI apocalypse.

  15. Aug 17
  16. Retweeted
    Aug 17

    's discusses SESTA and protecting Section 230 on

  17. Aug 16
  18. Aug 16

    Did the DOJ Request Detailed Information About All Visitors to an Anti-Trump Website? and comment.

  19. Aug 15

    . shares her views on the Google, GoDaddy & Daily Stormer controversy:

  20. Aug 15

    New blog post from explaining what Carpenter v. US means for the future of cell phone privacy.

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