Chris Field


Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford, California
Joined April 2011


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  1. Sep 8

    New cell design concept addresses material mechanical fragility—Watson et al

    , , and 2 others
  2. Sep 7

    New paper: National scale evaluation of the InVEST nutrient retention model in the UK—

  3. Sep 7

    New work by Naser, Luby & others assesses cardiovascular health effects of effort to reduce drinking salinity

    , , and 2 others
  4. Sep 7

    Researchers show immune clock for pregnancy, 1st step to identify deviations implicated in pathologies

  5. Sep 7

    New paper finds socioeconomic factors (lot size, $, absenteeism) contribute to spread of invasive in Hawaii

    , , and 3 others
  6. Sep 6

    Damashek & Francis review N cycling processes in critical for understanding their response to human dev.

  7. Sep 6

    Noth, Cullen & others evaluate aluminium workers' exposure to airborne chemicals in smelter & fabrication jobs

    , , and 2 others
  8. Sep 5

    Small well-enforced MPAs can also have +ecological effects for crowded marine enviros—Giakoumi, & others

  9. Sep 5

    D Rajsekhar & S Gorelick analyze how & land-use change w/ war impact Jordan's future

    , , and 2 others
  10. Sep 5

    Iris Hui & Bruce Cain show people resist drinking, bathing & cooking w/ recycled water despite supporting other uses

    , , and 3 others
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    Sep 4

    "Unprecedented is increasingly the norm." Katharine Mach & Miyuki Hino

  12. Aug 30

    New study by Ahlström, Jackson, Berry & others shows how vulnerability of forest depends on future rainfall

    , , and 4 others
  13. Aug 28

    Quantifying the influence of global warming on unprecedented extreme climate events—Noah Diffenbaugh et al.

  14. Aug 25

    Cross-linking agent enabling solar cells ☀️ w/ more photovoltaic efficiencies developed

  15. Aug 23

    New paper by et al presents ideas for countries to reach a decarbonized future.

  16. Aug 22

    New paper shows heterogeneous communities may be more prone to than homogeneous ones

    , , and 3 others
  17. Aug 22

    Researchers gathered data from tags on fins to help quantify impact of seismic industry surveys on whales

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    Aug 22

    From bird-safe wind turbines to coral-safe sunscreen, check out new projects & research in our latest newsletter!

  19. Aug 21

    D Castelletti, et al show novel approach to clutter discrimination using data from

    , , and 3 others
  20. Aug 18

    Throughfall quantity & carbon input beneath canopy gaps in tropical peatland forest —Astiani, Curran et al

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