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    In Angela Merkel's Germany, mosques stay open but Christmas markets are forced to close. She hates her own people and it shows.

  2. Over 40 members of Cuba's Ladies in White arrested by Castro regime today. Their crime? Hosting a literary tea at their headquarters.

  3. Ontario's provincial debt is $ 21,700 p.p. Triple the most indebted US states Puerto Rico just went bankrupt at $15,000 p.p.

  4. Hey, it's not like a govt agency was letting veterans die...er, letting drug dealers take guns to Mexi...uh, using IRS to go after politi...

  5. Weird how NYT didn't think it needed a dedicated team investigating government in D.C. until now.

  6. This lucky Liberal is going to get MILLIONS in contracts from foreign governments, Clinton-style.

  7. Lame duck Barack Obama easily pressures Justin Trudeau to take a stand against Donald Trump. Petty for Obama, foolish for Trudeau.

  8. NEW VIDEO: Model Anabel Schunke says multiculturalism is killing Germany & she's afraid to walk the streets.

  9. Notley’s carbon tax has already hurt these Alberta companies: |

  10. PM Trudeau hasn't released a statement (or tweet) on the Berlin Christmas market attack. What is he waiting for??

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