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  2. Today we announced our plan to reduce clickbait in News Feed. To learn more about how we’re going to do this, visit:

  3. Today we're proud to announce the first test flight of Aquila — it flies on roughly the power of three blowdryers!

    Aquila's First Flight
  4. One billion people now use Messenger every month. Celebrate with us by sending a balloon emoji in any conversation!

    Thank You! ♥ Messenger
  5. Today Mark and talked about the importance of entrepreneurship. Tune in here to watch what they had to say:

  6. Mark is hosting his first Live Q&A! Tune in now:

  7. Join Mark on 6/14 for his first ever Live Q&A. Ask your questions here or vote for the ones you want him to answer:

  8. On ? Mark Zuckerberg will ask your Qs to astronauts on . Submit Q now

  9. Tune in now to watch Mark Zuckerberg’s opening keynote live from :

  10. kicks off in 30 minutes with an opening keynote from Mark Zuckerberg. Watch it here:

  11. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Get the Batman V Superman pack:

  12. Watch the livestream of the Townhall Q&A with Mark from Berlin now:

  13. Today we're celebrating . We hosted 18 people at HQ this week who shared their stories of friendship:

  14. Feel the Force with characters from : The Force Awakens and more. Download here:

  15. Take a look back on the moments that moved us and inspired us to take action in 2015:

  16. Celebrate the holidays with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Gang. Download the Sticker Pack:

  17. Pre-order the all new , powered by Oculus, for only $99! Learn more:

  18. We’re introducing Music Stories today to make finding and sharing music easier. Check it out:

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