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    4 hours ago

    Find tips to stay safe during a power outage in English: & Spanish:

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    4 hours ago

    Flooding is occurring across Florida with Hurricane Irma. At night it can be impossible to see. Stay indoors!

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    . and employees help U.S. citizens and provide assistance in the Caribbean during .

  4. 5 hours ago

    A look at the teams and commodities that are in position for Hurricane .

  5. 5 hours ago

    Here's a snapshot of federal support in the U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico for Hurricane .

    this graphic shows federal support for the us virgin islands and puerto rico
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    6 hours ago

    Residents with a charged phone should remember, texts work when phone calls don't.

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    Continue to stay away from Gulf, bays, all salt water bodies along Florida Gulf coast. Water coming in quickly after center of passes.

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    6 hours ago

    9/10 820 PM Stay in safe shelter, we are still experiencing damaging wind gust across South Florida

  9. 10 hours ago

    Puerto Rico: If you received damage from , you may be eligible for disaster assistance. Apply by visiting .

    a graphic with an icon of a laptop and of a mobile phone that reads as follows: two ways to apply for disaster aid. Online at disasterassistance.gov or through the fema app at fema.gov/mobile-app
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    Florida- its extremely important to continue to listen to local alerts & officials throughout the day. & safe.

    During an emergency always listen to local officials
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    13 hours ago

    VA-TF1 is working with to move personnel and equipment into the US Virgin Islands.

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    Here are the Key Messages for advisory 46.

  13. 15 hours ago

    If you’re in a high-rise building & instructed to shelter in place, stay in interior rooms/hallways & on floors just above floodwater.

    A graphic showing an icon of a high rise building that reads as follows: If you are in a high rise building and choose to shelter in place, stay on floors just above flood water or storm surge. Remember: hurricanes bring dangerous winds. The higher you go the stronger the wind. Stay in hallways or interior rooms.
  14. 16 hours ago

    Help children cope with : ✅ Explain what is happening simply & directly ✅ Reassure them of the safety steps taken ✅ Play games together

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    Sep 9

    ALWAYS use generators outside the home. Stay safe.

    Generators should always be used outside the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when a generator is not working or vented properly.
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    Your has pre-staged helicopters, boats, and people in AL, SC, & GA and coming from as far as Alaska to respond to impacts.

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    Stay indoors! We are still under a tornado watch and wind gusts are approaching 70 mph. Debris is flying around and live wires can be down.

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    Sep 9

    Comprehensive piece on our 24/7 efforts to support: Inside the FEMA command center as Irma approaches - CNNPolitics

  19. Retweeted
    Sep 9

    10pm Update on Hurricane - Gusts to near hurricane force continue to be reported in the Florida Keys

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    Sep 9

    . Airmen evacuate hundreds from Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma

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