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  1. I escaped from East . - Bana

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  3. Five people arrested in for using children to stage fake footage purporting to be from , acc to Egypt's Ministry of Interior.

  4. Sad for Sad for Sad for Sad for everyone in the world who is experiencing violence and hate. No one deserves this.

  5. Christmas lights go on in - big celebrations, 1st like this since war began

  6. Live from : Syrians celebrate their liberation from Al-Qaeda's occupation. Why aren't all Western journalists lining up to cover it?

  7. Explosion next to Christmas celebrations in . Luckily no one hurt considering it was just meters away from packed festivities

  8. Muslims & Christians are celebrating & at AlAzeezieh Sq. in 🎄🎄🎄

  9. Never to be featured on your TV screens: is celebrating the end of nearly five years of terror tonight! Long live free !

  10. 1/2 This is not a church in Italy.. This is a church in today 20.12.2016

  11. Some difficulties facing evacuation around 4000 civilian stil stuck in east for the next few hours..

  12. Breaking! Celebration in right now around Christmas tree sent by Freedom is wonderful.

  13. Happening now! Celebrating at AlAzeezieh Sq. in

  14. , Huge celebrate By Students in Aleppo University

  15. this night ... Christmas celebrations.. Aleppo back to life .. Aleppo is Alive ... God bless Syrian Army by

  16. Absolutely sickening. Egypt arrests 5 people for using children to make propaganda videos. The madness on continues

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  17. American Nusra spokesman Bilal Abdul Kareem embedded w/al-Qaeda terrorists wearing suicide belts in E. . What could go wrong? 😂

  18. Please join us in welcoming baby Tasnim, the first baby born following the evacuation of eastern

  19. Thousands Syrian civilians killed by Hassan Nasrallah & His Gangs Nasrallah puppet of Iran

  20. Last photo for last family in

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