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  1. Terrorist attacks today: , Turkey , Germany , Switzerland , Sweden , Canada Seems coordinated

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  3. I see humans but no humanity 😔

  4. Within 2 hrs, Ambassador in got shot, a truck raced into a crowd in & people in a mosque in got shot. Horror

  5. 1. Pakistan's Orya Maqbool (who I covered this summer) calls shooter a shaheed (martyr in Islam with a one way ticket to heaven).

  6. People come to to pay tribute to Russian Ambassador to Andrey killed yesterday a terrorist attack in

  7. and laid flowers in memory of Russian Ambassador to Andrey killed yesterday in

  8. killing updates: - police hold 6 - gun fired in front of US embassy - US closes its 3 missions in

  9. So Rolando, Messi, and Trump are Muslim !!

  10. Been saying this for weeks about the Media's in . Glad I'm not the only one.

  11. SOWING HIS SEEDS FOOTAGE: Police arrest the gunman outside the US Embassy in . He swears and says "don't play with us 🔫💣🔪

  12. Shocked by attacks across the continent today. Condolences to all those who lost their loved ones.

  13. Every terror attack - no matter where in the world, no matter against whomever - is one terror attack too much

  14. Terrorism is terrorism regardless of the ethnicity/religion/country of the victims.

  15. Pray for Pray for Pray for Pray for No one deserves this kind of violence & hate.

  16. I strongly condemn the heinous attacks in , , . Violence and hate will not win!

  17. What a dark dark day: assassination Russian amb. , shooting at Islamic center & attack X-mas market

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