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  1. Sep 7

    Today we celebrate the strengths and successes of women who are moving medicine forward: Women in Medicine Day.

  2. Sep 8

    They told me life would be hard and I said that's alright.

  3. 21 minutes ago

    Tell us, what does it mean to be a woman in medicine?

  4. Sep 7

    DynaMed Plus supports women in medicine! Thanks to all the women who have contributed to DMP.

  5. Sep 7
  6. Sep 7
  7. Sep 7

    In honor of Women in Medicine month we honor physicians who offer time & support to their communities & fellow Drs

  8. Sep 8

    The AMAF counts among its award recipients four US Surgeon Generals.

  9. Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day! Join us in showcasing the dedication of women in the medical field. Support & RT

  10. Sep 10

    Celebrate by making a difference "Knowing what must be done does away with fear” - Rosa Parks

  11. Sep 8

    It is not easy to be a pioneer — but oh, it is fascinating! - Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell

  12. Sep 7

    Happy women in medicine day! Celebrating organ donation with my son.

  13. Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day! UCSF Cardiology Team in the Cath Lab with our Attending Dr. Michelle Albert.

  14. Sep 7
  15. Sep 7
  16. Sep 7

    Happy first Women in Medicine Day!!! Hope it was a great one my lovely sisters ❤️💐

  17. Sep 7

    Dr. Venita Chandra celebrated Women in Medicine day with the & Cath Teams in the Hybrid Room!

  18. Sep 7
  19. Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day to Hepatobiliary Surgeon Dr Monica Dua and her OR team! These ladies were definitely !

  20. Sep 7

    Happy Women in Medicine Day! 👩🏻‍⚕️ Excited to celebrate it with my awesome resident, Rosandra Walker, MD!

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