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  2. Après avoir vanté la justice chinoise en 2007, dresse des louanges à la dictature de . Pitoyable...

  3. La jeep qui conduisait les cendres de Castro est tombée en panne sur le chemin. Une métaphore parfaite du socialisme...

  4. The spankings of continue. You're right he is an embarrassment. Thankfully many Cnds agree.

  5. Cuba's "oppressed" saying farewell to Fidel.

  6. The Praises Dictator ▶️Called A Hero Takes A Call From The President Of Democrat Taiwan ▶️MELTDOWN

  7. LIVE on : : State funeral for Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel , whose death sparks outpourin…

  8. was a fraud who didn’t respect the people enough to trust them with any power. Fifty wasted years for .

  9. FLASHBACK: Reagan tells the best and most true joke EVER about Fidel Castro. You have to see this! RT! Reagan was the best.

  10. The Designer For Refuses To Dress Would Never Glorify The Chief Executioner

  11. Interesting juxtaposition of people ranting against one day (for whatever reason) and praising Fidel the next...

  12. Totally disgusting killed dissenters, people risk lives 2 swim 2 Florida mean nothing to you!! Joke!!

  13. stood up to 10 American presidents. Took one look at and dropped Dead.

  14. A small note of interest. and and the in our country. Their Political is about the same. That's why!!!

  15. Indian Home Minister going to Havana to pay respects to . Right wing politicians paying respects to a leftist. Admirable.

  16. Libs STOP swooning & Whitewashing ATROCITIES 🙄 It's embarrassing : History will judge 's ‘enormous impact’ on Cuba

  17. All slobber all over , the . And you wonder what's wrong with the News today? People hate it.

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