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  2. Sep 2
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  3. Sep 8

    Only 1-2% of the world's population have green eyes. They're found the most in Iceland, the Netherlands, Scotland & Ireland.

  4. Sep 9

    Diversity is so strong that sometimes 10 diversities jump a white kid and beat him half to death for being White.

  5. 2 hours ago

    5 days to go! Keep sharing all your excitement with us! 😝🎉🍸💃🏽

  6. Sep 7
  7. 9 hours ago

    Do White countries need to thrive? Obviously they do not. simply means chasing down every last White person.

  8. 14 hours ago

    "This place needs more diversity" = This place is too white. is a codeword for .

  9. Sep 10

    Hindu community of Nall showcasing their traditional Dandia dance in a Baluchi wedding.

  10. Sep 6

    - Be more like Billy here! - But I want to be more like me... - "Me" is not welcome in our diverse society! explained

  11. Sep 1
  12. Sep 9

    some (personal) thoughts from me on the culture of economics ...

  13. Sep 4
  14. Sep 5
  15. Sep 9

    Record number of Tongan boys on the field for the tonight. Nehe, Vaea, Ofa and Ngani! Malo e lelei tokos!

  16. 12 hours ago
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    I wonder what he thought about when he was with the US Navy. I want to see his fitness report on Equal Opportunity.

  17. Sep 7
  18. Sep 8

    Get ready for a totally color to Ariyah w/the & .A's always one to count on for &

  19. Sep 3

    Directors & Artistic Directors who like to bang on about on ur personal TLs but ur co's productions have casts

  20. Sep 4
  21. 4 minutes ago

    🐰 means chasing down the LAST WHITE PERSON.

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