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  2. Sep 2

    Breathtaking photo of LIL PUMP diving into dangerous waters to save a child

  3. Sep 3

    Statement from executive editor Sally Buzbee about and my report on flooded sites in .

  4. 1 hour ago

    Astounding! GPS data shows weight of water from pushed down about 2 cm. That last 2 cm of water in your home!

  5. was a display of WHITE nationalism; was a display of the AMERICAN nationalism that represents

  6. 1 hour ago
  7. Sep 3

    OMG Javier Rivera, who saved an elderly stranger named Evelyn (despite a language barrier), plus his own wife and child. So heroic!

  8. On this Labor Day, Fateyva Miles delivers mail in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods.

  9. 4 hours ago

    GPS data show was so large it flexed Earth's crust, pushing down by ~2 cm!

  10. Allen Parkway is a canal. This is by our flooded studios. A river still runs through it. Near Downtown

  11. A clear message for would-be looters on Labor Day in - you will be shot!

  12. Sep 3


  13. Sep 3

    We all know that was under water and parts still are. Mayor says it's open for business.Concerts,conventions etc. Is that possible?

  14. 11 hours ago

    After winning her first LPGA Tour title since 2014, Stacy Lewis donated her winnings to the flood victims.

  15. 21 hours ago
  16. Sep 3

    In my interview with , I mentioned how is a "can do" city and that we are open for . – at George R. Brown Convention Center

  17. JUST IN: Death toll from rises in area Harris Co – 30 Montgomery Co – 5 Fort Bend Co – 2 Galveston Co – 5

  18. Sep 3

    Your donations are on the way to ! This Dallas caravan is amazing!

  19. We made it to . is sending some aerials he shot from the plane to now. Check out soon.

  20. 44 minutes ago

    This little angel was found roaming the streets by Jack rabbit Road. Not sure if she was displaced f…

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