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  1. Head of in Dagestan region Rustan Magomedovich Aselderov (Abu Muhammad) was killed in special operation by Russian forces.

  2. Head of ‘branch’ in Russian Caucasus eliminated in special op

  3. Female suicide bomber uses 3 kids as decoy to blow herself up in new low for

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  5. After 1 yr of nonstop fight for justice I am tired &hurt that is still there in thousands, ppl still enslaved, justice hasn't started.

  6. Is Baghdadi dead? Senior leaders are ordered to hold a meeting in Iraq to choose his successor.

  7. Finally, European liberals find their true calling. Now to provide housing to

  8. VIDEO: Russian FSB kill leader of branch in Dagestan - RT

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  9. The FBI cannot keep up with the terror threat posed by here in the U.S. Over 1,000 cases.

  10. Friends of & enemies of : Pls vote 4 as U.S. Secy. of State in this poll. Pls RT.

  11. 19 international freedom fighters have lost their life in in the fight vs & jihadists. Here the list

  12. head of Russia's Caucasus region has been exterminated

  13. Head of ‘branch’ in Russia’s N. Caucasus, 4 of his close associates killed in special police op – FSB

  14. using civilians trapped in Mosul as human sacrifices’ – UK experts to RT

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