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  2. warms a snowy shoreline . Pic by Rebecca Wilks

    Soft golden light shines on trees and a rocky shoreline covered in a light dusting of snow.
  3. Time to Accept Cannabis, ’s Marijuana Opponents Back Down on All of That Recount Business.

  4. Democratic elector casts vote for for president instead of - Worst candidate in modern history!

  5. So far, MORE electors are trying to stray from than . in , , , & . Vote your conscience!

  6. Maine elector voted for Bernie but was ruled improper. He had to switch his vote to Hillary.

  7. She may be all grown up and going to fancy shows now, but I remember when my pretty neighbour was all about

  8. In reply to

    1 BRAVE College Electoral switched to worth noting!

  9. Looks like received the first faithless vote today. (Trying not to laugh)

  10. Where to in 2017: Acadia National Park in will restore your faith in travel.

  11. opposition concedes; recount ends, legalization victory secured. Full story from Crash Barry on Monday at Leafly News.

  12. Bangor, , at 46F, is currently warmer than Houston, , at 39F! (CC: )

  13. Last couple days have been a bit chilly

  14. Incredible members of Local 9 and others raise $19k for local families in need

  15. Recount on marijuana ballot suspended until after the New Year

  16. Amazing pic from this am Five Islands Temp: 0° 📷:Dom Restuccia

  17. # maine hunting 2017 Maine will introduce 659 Elk into the wild Great news

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