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  2. Per NBC the attacker was upset over the treatment of muslims worldwide. So he stabbed citizens of the country that took him in.

  3. Here's what the jihadist posted on Facebook before attack per NBC news. I re-copied the words so you can read it in the 2nd image

  4. Who is more deserving of a spot in the ? RT for FAV for

  5. Obama's admin refuses to call a terrorist attack. These are the same people who turn a blind eye to this 👇

  6. Spotted on the campus. I wonder who could be behind these hi-jinx.

  7. Yesterday there was an major hate attack on . That didn't make this column. Fascinating.

  8. Nothing 2 Do With Islam Right!? This is text from a Facebook post believed to be by the MUSLIM Terrorist in today's attack

  9. OSU jihadist Abdul Razak Artan Facebook declaration: "I am willing to kill a billion infidels"

  10. Yeah Abdul noticed is a gun-free zone so decided to follow the law when he went to break the law. You libs are on some hard drugs

  11. The left got awfully quiet after learning that it wasn't Billy Joe with a gun .........but Abdul from Somalia, with a knife.

  12. ISIS urged attacks on Americans “Smash his head w a Rock, slaughter him w a KNIFE, run him over w your CAR"

  13. terrorist was featured in the school's paper, The Lantern. Meanwhile a talk I was invited to was cancelled. OSU loves terrorism!

  14. terrorist made Facebook post complaining about treatment of Muslims. Media "hate crime" hysterics responsible for this attack.

  15. Sending love and prayers to the Ohio State University campus and community following today's tragic events.

  16. Blaming an entire religion for the actions of extremist is how you create more terrorists, not win the war against terrorism

  17. Live footage of the Abdul Razak Ali Artan standoff with police, earlier at

  18. Somalian Muslim refugees are not assimilating and they are dangerous. Extreme vetting means keep them in Somalia.

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