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  2. Did ya man just blind ya? No, im the eclipse that saved ya💍💍 (lmao my captions are dumb asl)

  3. Aug 28

    21/08/17 A once, maybe twice in a lifetime opportunity to see this solar eclipse

  4. 5 hours ago

    RT WorIdTravels: the solar eclipse looks so pretty from the sky ✈️🌘 via Positivevibe101

  5. Aug 28

    remake of the cutest video EVER

  6. Aug 29

    So last week the moon covered the sun... this is what it looked like.

  7. Aug 30

    In case you missed the I shot this incredible - awe inspiring - emotional footage

  8. 8 hours ago

    I may have missed totality with the , but I got to see the ☀️ with the haze that's happening now

  9. Aug 30
  10. Aug 27

    Wow, someone caught the mid flight! Breathtaking. ❤️

  11. Aug 28
  12. Sep 2

    Thanks Joe Hale for these cool pics from our Louisville show at Zanzibar! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  13. Aug 27

    ☀️Moment of totality☀️ 👉🏼During full totality of the solar eclipse 📷=michael shainblum

  14. Aug 29

    Citizen scientists collected more than 76,000 air temp measurements during w/ the app!

  15. 8 hours ago
  16. Aug 31
    Replying to

    21-"Tara: NASA footage on 21st August full 3 fully decloaked starships photographed via

  17. Aug 31

    Is it too soon for a to last week's eclipse? We think not.

  18. 4 hours ago
  19. 4 hours ago
  20. 5 hours ago

    Has anyone else noticed that since the things in the atmosphere have gone, well, haywire?

  21. 12 hours ago

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