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  1. & her mam r fine & still n . They decided 2 disappear 4 a reason. Plz respect that & let them have thier privacy.

  2. Just to give you a idea of the Crimes of Assad!

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  3. NEW MAP: (acc. to preliminary reports): Militants' defenses in are crumbling: Areas north of the citadel will fall soon.

  4. Assad + Regime + support of Russia killing innocent Civilians who are on refuge to other Parts of

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  6. Russian MFA Spokesperson : What are we to blame for in ? We are to blame for being on the “right side of history”

  7. RIP the Russian army medic who was killed by Western-backed Islamist fighters in Aleppo. Her deeds are immortal.

  8. BREAKING: rebels rule out Aleppo withdrawal -

  9. Our forces are 600 meters away from our other forces that are deployed inside the castle of

  10. Liberated civilians are saying how they tried to leave but that the terrorists prevented them. Over to you, Western media...

  11. LOL: If u decide to promote urself all over twitter it's a bit much to ask for privacy- isn't it?

  12. Massacres in South of as a Result of Assad/Russian Airstrikes Dec 4, 2016

  13. . tells : Not enforcing redline in 2013 "cost" the U.S. considerably in the region.

  14. Breaking: Jihadist lines collapse in NE army in astonishing advance are within 1km from Citadel

  15. World War 3 and the people of are caught in the middle.

  16. You take your children shopping on Sunday, none of you comes back home. This isn't terrorism!

  17. message from hospitals Stop the bombing of


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