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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the didn't ask his victims "Who they voted for?" Because in his eyes, they were all infidels.

  2. Assistant Director of Office of Residence Life at encourages compassion for attacker.

  3. is their "constitution" is their Bible - both inconsistent with american values

  4. "There is only one 'retirement plan' for ." General Mattis gave us this thought in 2004 while in Irag.

  5. 7000 civilians flee from held E. to gov held areas.

  6. . make sure you water down the attack .You won't ever understand until is at ur front door

  7. Where's Praise for killing on-campus within 1 min. of attack. Must be because he's white?

  8. Strongly condemn the attack on army camp. We owe this to our brave Soldiers.

  9. Since the nineties until the present time did not occur in any attack

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  10. PakTurk school students, teachers protest against deportation orders BLACKMAILING

    PakTurk school students, teachers protest against deportation orders
    TERRORIST ERDOGAN BLACKMAILING PAKISTAN “The decision to deport the Turkish staff was made when one king sent a message to the other”, Pak-Turk Schools founded by donations of people not governments
  11. complained about unfair portrayal of in the . So he stabbed a bunch of innocent Americans.

  12. In reply to

    The police used the gun.The used a car and knife.Ban guns from police. Ban knives & cars. 😂

  13. Why are you calling a Somali refugee who ran slashed people with a machete an assailant ...?

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