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  1. 31 days until the alphas take over. No more free reign for ISIS. Time to get tough.

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  3. 'He was killed while performing his duties' - on fatal attack on 's to

  4. Shocked to hear of despicable murder of 's Ambassador to . My thoughts are with his family. I condemn this cowardly attack.

  5. Another video of the assassination of the ambassador to .

  6. security team on high alert suspicious of FM security details. watching every move they make

  7. A sad week for so many. May you all stay safe this Christmas and with love. and many more

  8. I'm still with her and I cannot for the life of me understand how Trump won. I suppose it was just bigotry. .


  10. People come to to pay tribute to Russian Ambassador to Andrey killed yesterday a terrorist attack in

  11. and laid flowers in memory of Russian Ambassador to Andrey killed yesterday in

  12. Pray for Pray for Pray for Pray for No one deserves this kind of violence & hate

  13. killing updates: - police hold 6 - gun fired in front of US embassy - US closes its 3 missions in

  14. Quran 5:32 If anyone killed an innocent person, it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind

  15. Religion of Peace! "Allahu Akbar"👉the Islamic battle cry....

  16. So Rolando, Messi, and Trump are Muslim !!

  17. 3 Terror Attacks in 1 day: Obama is in Hawaii🏌🏽 Terrorists say allahu akbar🔥Obama says Aloha🌸

  18. Just shout Allahu Akbar and get away with Murder Hats off to warped Islamic justification for murder

  19. ⚔ 💥Truck drives into Christmas crowd replaying Nice 💥Russian envoy shot 💥3 shot centre

  20. Vladimir Putin vows to step up fight against terror: "criminals will feel the heat".

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