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  1. Truck plows through Christmas Market - most of 's twitter calm & factual. / tweet hysterically: "Muslims! Muslims!"

  2. 1/3 firmly rejects allegations against the Kenya Electoral Assistance Program, & partners. My statement:

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  4. NEWS: 'security incident' after Russian ambassador shooting in Ankara

  5. Congratulations to ; officially elected today by the Electoral College. World needs strong and responsible .

  6. SOON remixes! Producers remixed GAGA+CELINE. see me soon@BIG VENUE! LOVE LIVING IN 😎 😻

  7. Now that civilians are out of I assume the journalists will now take aim at & atrocities in ? Bueller? Anyone?

  8. Huge demo in demands international community stop genocide v

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  9. What's up? -Free Over 30 Years: A Growing Female Disadvantage in the

  10. Brigadier general in Royal Land Forces supports while soldiers are fighting This is , the 's ally in ME!

  11. : Inmates who participated in educational programs were 43% less likely to be re-incarcerated.

  12. What is Iran’s ‘national treasure’ in Iraq?

  13. - Man opens fire on embassy. No injured. Man arrested. Embassy to stay closed today.

  14. : returns underwater drone seized in the to on Tue morning

  15. Finland has one of the world's best systems. Four ways it beats the

  16. video from the 'Paradise of freedom' in : A woman being executed by the -backed 'moderate rebels'

  17. We get to CELEBRATE again 🎉🎊🎉🎊 Congratulations to NEXT President, . Congrats on Vote and Congrats for 😉⬇️

  18. This is how Tanzania’s economy outperforms the

  19. Truck crashes into Berlin Christmas market… Not in yet… wait now… it's ah… yes it's a Muslim! 🇺🇸

  20. 70% of Americans think the should participate in the Agreement

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