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  2. 15 hours ago

    Because is faithful & loyal, they expect nothing but the same from you.

  3. Sep 9

    Two weeks ago I lost the one person I loved the most against & it hurts! The house feels cold & empty! My has been shaken!

  4. 1 hour ago

    try to do only what they know to be right & what they know others will appreciate & comprehend

  5. Sep 9
  6. Sep 9

    A will never let anyone walk over them, & will be the first to speak up for themselves.

  7. 2 hours ago

    - a lady in the street, a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.

  8. Sep 8

    hate it when they have to decide if the person is close enough to hold or let them go.

  9. 8 hours ago

    Just like the crab, a hides everything under their protective shell.

  10. Sep 9

    can break descriptions down into pieces better than anyone else. We make things simpler because we know what confusion is like.,

  11. 35 minutes ago

    peeps are very giving. Of themselves. Their time. Their hearts. And in bed too.

  12. Sep 7

    No sign is better than a .

  13. 7 hours ago

    's don't believe it until we see it with our own eyes.

  14. Sep 9
  15. 18 hours ago

    might be outgoing and ready to party but by Sunday they are ready to curl up and sulk around the house all day, talking to no one.

  16. 4 hours ago

    's prefer to stay single than just hook up with anyone just for the heck of it.

  17. Its important to know & understand what is & how it affects the body

  18. Sep 8

    A good number of Evangelics are hypocrites, they gave us GW & & now &

  19. Sep 8

    Those texts accidentally send to the wrong persons are always the worst ones.

  20. Sep 8

    For a , life is lived as a series of mood swings.

  21. 35 minutes ago

    's are protective of those they care about, and of themselves too.

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