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  2. BREAKING: gave Donna Brazil the debate questions, and now complains about election tampering?

  3. When you think cannot possibly degrade its long eroded credibility any more, it manages to plumb new depths.

  4. 's Baldwin "Don't hire veterans, they're too damaged to be trusted with authority"

  5. WikiLeaks suing The Counterfeit News Network over ex-CIA official’s on-air Assange smear.

  6. Lightning hits a black church & starts a fire.... runs "hate crime at black church" for 2 days..... = unclear motive.

  7. Former CIA on Trump: "Unacceptable... He cannot humiliate the people who have offered their lives to collect that intelligence."

  8. CALL your House Rep + 2 Senators at 202-224-3121 "I'm your voter. Don't take away my . Improve , never repeal."

  9. According to Docs:Ivanka & Donald both have active businesses in Croatia

  10. BREAKING: Obama's mentally unstable! The 20th can't get here fast enough!

  11. Goodbye Hello Megyn Kelly- I am sure you will fit right in! at

  12. Do you support repealing without an alternative replacement? Vote and Retweet

  13. Statement: Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana thrilled to welcome Eissa Al Mana. Janet had a healthy delivery and is resting comfortably.

  14. New today at 130est What topic should we cover?

  15. must actually enjoy embarrassing themselves. You all truly are top-notch . Still laughing at you all by the way.

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