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  2. Sep 9
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    The Big share in Defaming and spreading rumors against Hindu Saints is of 420

  3. 11 hours ago

    The Case The , has no equal The media now has a problem

  4. 6 hours ago

    George Hook...Kevin Myers...we need more female voices in Irish .

  5. Sep 10

    quit making humans do this

  6. Sep 8

    We'll prepare by all we can2confront all occupiers,Saudi soldiers &their mercenaries in

  7. Sep 10

    Florida is f'd. she really said "our friends in Florida our thoughts are with them"

  8. Sep 10

    Seniors: 99.2% say wants to fail, 71% 'strongly' back reelection

  9. 4 hours ago
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    The job of mainstream is to help our do nothing political parties shirk/ignore accountability and responsibility.

  10. Dapper Dan () is the star of Gucci's Fall Menswear Tailoring campaign. Giving the golden era of Harlem regal vibez 🙏🏽

  11. Sep 7
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    z z Stop 4rm defaming INNOCENT 👆Thats d voice of Millions Ji!!

  12. Sep 10

    2nd mtg trump had w only present, first was day after he fired . Even absent ??

  13. 2 hours ago
  14. 10 hours ago

    In 2017, the number of subscribers topped subscriptions for the first time.

  15. Sep 10

    While The W/D Like For Our ATTN To Be On ⛈ Lets Stay Vigilant On A Day That Changed Our Lives Forever 🌟 🇺🇸

  16. Sep 10
  17. 29 minutes ago

    🎞Now Niko reading while watching different videos! Lol😜😬

  18. 52 minutes ago
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  20. 3 hours ago

    Thank you for having us today! We're excited to assist you with your efforts!

  21. 4 hours ago

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