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  2. Jan 30

    Sally Yates knew she would be fired within hours. She stood up for what was right. We owe her a great deal.

  3. Feb 1

    When will the media address the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM question here-MENTAL HEALTH

  4. Jan 30

    Rep. Maxine Waters(D-CA) will hold a press conference re TRUMP-RUSSIA tomorrow at 8:30AM(ET)

  5. Jan 31

    Trump Admin.has DIRECTED State Dept. NOT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS from Congress. WHOA

  6. 11 hours ago

    RE-PHRASE: . YOU and YOUR LIES are unravelling in front of America's eyes

  7. 7 hours ago

    This is "UNPRESIDENTED":WH offers . for CNN Sunday appearance. CNN DECLINES

  8. 8 hours ago

    Dear POTUS:There's NO MORAL COMPARISON between the U.S. & a man who KILLS POLITICAL RIVALS

  9. 15 hours ago

    Wow!!! Just saw a man in West Palm Beach, FL with this sign!

  10. 17 hours ago

    Trump still CLOSELY TIED to his businesses. SURPRISE.

  11. 22 hours ago

    "SO CALLED LEADERS" . & . SILENT as POTUS attacks Judge.

  12. 23 hours ago

    LEGITIMATE Presidents NEVER attack the credibility of sitting U.S. FEDERAL JUDGES

  13. Feb 4

    I'll be on on today at 10:30am talking about Trump, his cabinet picks & what's next in

  14. Feb 4
  15. Feb 3

    STUNNING COVER of major German publication. WHOA!!

  16. Feb 3
  17. Feb 3


  18. Feb 3

    And other liberal media outlets please learn the difference between the words PAUSE and BAN!

  19. Feb 2

    Why did White House staff TURN OFF recording if Trump-Putin phonecall? TheResistance

  20. Feb 2

    KellyAnne just basically admitted Trump decided to order the mission during his dinner.

  21. Jan 31

    America and the World will NEVER ACCEPT --EVER!!

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