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  1. There is a difference between talking the path & walking the path.

  2. It requires intellectual intelligence to discover the faults of others,but emotional intelligence to tolerate them.

  3. If a meat eating lion can look at a meal & see a friend,why cant we see the friend in our 'enemies'?! Life is all about attitude!!

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  5. Every left-winger instinctively hates his own country and its people. It's in his or her blood.

  6. There are many subversive communist agendas and plans disguised as social justice. Study Saul Alinsky and his methods.

  7. As I see it, PPP's definition of democracy is a lot crooked than what PMLN interprets and practices. .

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  9. Man who killed Russian Ambassador in Turkey, had links with USA organisation. stinks you are pushing 4 WW3 -think please

  10. People who grabbed power illegally should not be talking about : HPM

  11. => CURRENT PRESIDENTIAL VOTE TOTALS Clinton: 65,844,610 Trump: 62,979,636

  12. The book will give you clear understandings of political history of Japan.

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