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  2. Oh deer! Injured doe adopted as house pet after being refused by zoos, nature reserves

    Injured doe adopted as house pet after being refused by zoos
  3. 5-meter waves, whirlwind and... a selfie fail as huge storm hits ,

  4. WHOA! Failed attempt to launch a S-300 missile may reflect negative views of 's most powerful/elite SAM systems ever..

  5. Interesting. woos , where shared interests are narrowing, and fires a shot at , where they are expanding.

  6. RIP the Russian army medic who was killed by Western-backed Islamist fighters in Aleppo. Her deeds are immortal.

  7. " says will treat as terrorists rebels who refuse to leave " -

  8. : |n military field hospital for pro- forces in was destroyed today.

  9. 's Ministry of Offense says its fighter jet successfully fell into Mediterranean after skidding off

  10. 22 years ago was signed. showed utter contempt & disregard for it by occupying Crimea&invading Eastern

  11. Excellent map illustrating the operational capacity of 's -capable -M missiles deployed in .

  12. 📣 > could you help with🔝🙏 Need many signatures 📲📝 needs to be stopped

  13. Horrific / bombing of towns in today - 50+ people reported killed, including many women & children.

  14. In reply to
  15. 's new S-300 '' anti-personnel system ready for export -

  16. , sign agreement on establishing China-Russia Association of Culture and Arts Universities (File pic)

  17. Transport of /n Reconciliation Centre delivered 150 tons of humanitarian aid to citizens of Eastern .

  18. Wikileaks Raises Questions When Did John Podesta, Stop Business? Are Bulldogs or ?

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