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  2. 'If you love Jesus, you will die like Jesus' ISIS crucify Christian for 5 HOURS

  3. After 50 years of going nowhere voting for Democrats, minorities will be included in the American Dream again.

  4. Obama excuse No. 462. Maybe things would have turned out different if you had not been the worst President in history.

  5. Minnesota Muslims Admit They Want Sharia Law Vice US Law Non-Assimilating Muslims = Metastasizing Cancer in US

  6. Thank you Obama and for the strongest GOP ever!

  7. "We are going to change our immigration system to reflect American values" ~ Trump

  8. Marxist Leaders DON'T Want Marxism For Themselves, Just For You And I. They Plan on Being Part of a Privileged Political Ruling Class

  9. Seems to me We Failed Our Kids. Allowed Leftist Educators to Indoctrinate (Brainwash) Our Kids W/Lies Right Out of Communist Manifesto

  10. Donald Trump, with the help of , has caused a tremor to go through the Democrat Party and made them irrelevant.

  11. Israel and Benjamin are the freind of America again. Welcome back, sir.

  12. An illegal Dem Votes Literally Invalidates Your Vote. Don't Let Dems Disenfranchise You - Support Voter ID Laws!

  13. All You Need To Know About : His Political Career Started in the Home of his Friend Terrorist Bill Ayers

  14. Gun Control ISNT About Controlling Crime, It's About Controlling People. The Unarmed Are Vulnerable to Despots

  15. 🙏✝🎄 O come, oh come EMANUEL. "Emanuel" means GOD WITH US. Jesus brings a message of HOPE in a world of turmoil.

  16. : Amazing How Many Seem to Feel It's Their God-Given Right to Come to USA For Our Jobs/"Free Stuff".

  17. America woke up. Yes, America finally woke up to the lies and manipulation of Hillary. America was literally saved by Trump.

  18. ↪RETWEET↩ if you support for signing law banning Sanctuary Cities. Taking a stand!!

  19. Sick + Tired of illegals Sneaking Into USA For 'Free Stuff', Getting The Vote + Then Voting For 'Free Stuff'/to Let Other illegals in

  20. Send Mitt on his way. He crossed a serious line. Let Evan McMullin give him a job. We don't want or need him.

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