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  2. Si la lengua es un músculo, quiero que tu panocha sea mi gimnasio.

  3. Your is the one that calls you to experience your essence, not the one that invites you to drown in the material .

  4. "The world changes when we . The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the ." M. Williamson

  5. A lot of in the would if we talked to each other instead of about each other

  6. "I consider myself a citizen of the . That means holding certain universal: tolerance, openness, equality." ~

  7. Shame on dictators! Our generation deserve better!We demand democratic process to move with the 🌎

  8. Seeing oneself in all is the culmination of Self-realization. The is a mirror, & everyone who comes in front of you is only yourself!

  9. The INDIA Affect: Pakistan Passes Resolution To Demonetise Rs. 5000 Notes !! & News

  10. 45 Most Beautiful Places in the World @

  11. publishes around the . 9 dead and 50 wounded terrorist act in

  12. Hello : We are the children of .We don't feel we are children any more. stole our CHILDHOOD.

  13. Aleppo girl whose tweets captured attention evacuated

  14. You are not committed to your path unless you are prepared to abandon your and your taboos. Your occupation defines your priority.

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