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New York City
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  1. Google will ban websites that host fake news from using its ad service

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  10. On Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court list, the Ivy League is out, and the heartland is in

  11. The supermoon and other moons that are super in their own ways

  12. In the longer run Trumpism will be a very bad thing for the economy, writes

  13. A federal judge ordered the release of Brendan Dassey, the "Making a Murderer" subject

  14. "They will have to die now": Inside the operation to retake Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, from ISIS

  15. Religious leaders spoke to their congregations and communities about the future with Donald Trump as president.

  16. Mary Jo White to step down as SEC chief as Wall Street regulators began an exodus from Washington

  17. What Democrats can learn from Donald Trump: "All candidates need to be more authentic online" via

  18. My review of Michael Chabon's powerful new novel "Moonglow" about an Augie March-like hero's picaresque adventures:

  19. The NYT review of the Apple’s new MacBook Pro

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