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  1. Justin Knopf is a 5th generation KS farmer. His farming has evolved over recent years to be more sustainable. Listen

  2. Call: "Our kids kind of shimmer in and out of experience. I'm trying to get them to experience what's around us."

  3. "Women were always pioneers. Diversity is how we get excellence." - NASA's

  4. Transplant surgeon Dr. Scott Levin: "This is not forced on any patient. There is very careful vetting, screening."

  5. Call: "I've been a hunter, fisherman. I've seen the prairie disappear as the farmers have pushed into the edges."

  6. "The iPhone is the sun around which other gadgets revolve."-

  7. TV critic is looking forward to "High Maintenance" on HBO this season. What are you going to watch?

  8. "The emotion that we get with 'Parks and Rec' ultimately put it above 'The Office' in the ranking."

  9. Just in time for the fall TV rollout, critics , and join us:

  10. "This email narrative is so enduring because new facts have become available," says

  11. "Donald Trump is struck by the image of Putin...and he separates that from his behavior in office," says :

  12. To borrow a phrase "the Bolsheviks used, [Trump] is Mr. Putin's useful idiot," says

  13. "It's been clear that Trump feels a kind of affinity for Putin. Putin's a tough guy," says

  14. We discuss the week in the news with , and :

  15. Audio is up for our discussion of the greatest American television shows:

  16. Audio is up for our week in the news roundtable with , and :

  17. We're celebrating 15 years! Tom shared his 7 most memorable guests with the :

  18. .: "One of my favorite coming up is "High Maintenance" on HBO - from a beautifully produced web series"

  19. .: Everyone, not just the major networks, have started programming new stuff for fall:

  20. "Now we watch things mainly on demand. It's not communal, it's more like reading a novel."

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