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Explore with the new "Atlas of the World", 29th edition! Providing the finest global coverage available, this atlas offers a diverse collection of information and cartography of unrivaled accuracy and clarity, presented in an uncommonly beautiful volume.
Proust’s novel, "In Search of Lost Time"; can be viewed as a quest for purpose, identity, connection, and belonging. Explore the questions pondered by Proust in this interactive graphic, and take a step towards living a richer inner life.
#OTD in 1835 a fire leveled lower Manhattan. Learn about the lives that were touched by the blaze--the chief engineer; the popular Black restaurateur, Thomas Downing; Alexander Hamilton's son--and how New York rose from the ashes.
"Beijing's Global Media Offensive" is a major analysis of how China is attempting to become a media and information superpower around the world. Author spoke with about how China seeks to shape the global conversation.
The clock is ticking to submit papers for Oxford Open Immunology’s special collection on “Approaches to Mapping and Characterizing SARS-COV-2 Epitopes”. Accepted papers will be published continuously and made available online. More Information:
In 1956 C. Wright Mills wrote “The Power Elite”, a scathing critique of elite power in the United States. Heather Gautney’s “The New Power Elite” is a contemporary companion to Mills' work, offering a fresh critique of elites for the new millennium.
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