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Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, . Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” “The Age of Diminished Expectations” + more.

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  1. When accused of being shrill, reminder: Trump's security adviser meets with members of a party founded by ex-Nazis.

  2. To join Trump admin, you have to be white nationalist conspiracy theorist, but must also be always wrong re your supposed area of expertise

  3. Leonhardt is sounding shrill (what people used to say about me). But he's right, of course.

  4. They may be unqualified, but on the other hand they're crazy conspiracy theorists.

  5. Whoops -- forgot Mulvaney's Bitcoin derp: "He praised bitcoin as a currency that is "not manipulatable by any government."" 7/

  6. In this crew, Kudlow -- who thinks it's always the 1970s, but doesn't seem to see hyperinflation under his bed -- is the most reasonable 6/

  7. Birchers want return to gold and silver, Mulvaney seems to agree 5/

  8. Budget director appears to be John Bircher and conspiracy theorist (but aren't they all? But note economic views 4/

  9. And Paulson has been predicting inflation -- sometimes double-digit -- from Fed policy for years 3/

  10. Treasury goes to a guy with little public profile, but hangs out with John Paulson (who is also close to Trump) 2/

  11. Are people noticing that the Trump economic team is shaping up as a gathering of gold bugs? 1/

  12. We should never accept this as OK. It may be the new normal, but that's a new normal in which the America we knew and loved is gone

  13. So it's official, and it's vile: the loser of the popular vote installed by Russian intervention, a rogue FBI, and epic media malfunction.

  14. Reality TV Populism

  15. That 1930s show returns. And I'm not talking about macroeconomics

  16. So creative destruction is mostly BS. Kind of suspected that

  17. What's about to happen here is populist style, with a heavy racist component, wedded to oligarch-friendly, middle-class-destroying policy

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