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    Jul 31
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    Sep 8

    Congrats to lab member on his first paper, investigating max prey size in piscivorous fishes.

  3. 14 hours ago

    Non-destructive sampling of marine caves highlights of benthic community, enables

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    Sep 8

    nominations close next week! Win a T-shirt! Nominate your top '16 articles for a $2K prize

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    Sep 6

    Reminder of how important flying foxes are - huge seed shadows and greater germination success in pioneer plant spp

  6. Sep 8

    Tune stuck in your head? New research enables composition using only your mind

  7. Sep 7

    Unpaid informal providers can increase & testing rates & initiation in rural Malawi

  8. Sep 6

    Humans carrying an object together will synchronize their gaits and walk like a quadruped

  9. Sep 6

    Certain types of can boost divergent creative thinking

  10. Sep 6

    During grooming miss sites covered in pollen & floral stigmas contact these sites for pollination

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    Sep 6

    Another warm vegetarian? Heat waves increase herbivory in the world's most invasive crayfish and more!

  12. Sep 5

    Extirpation of the American in larger that thought areas of Sierra Nevada connected to

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    Sep 5

    I look forward to participating in 17! Come speak to me about and transparent reporting in quantum info.

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    Sep 5
  15. Sep 4

    Fire disturbance to habitats changes social connections for red-backed in Australia's Northern Territory

  16. Sep 4

    Research from suggests aquatic plants can reduce water turbity at regional scales

  17. Sep 1
  18. Sep 1
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    Aug 31

    : Stellate ganglion block attenuates chronic stress induced depression in rats

  20. Aug 31

    growing from a human skeleton hints Americans are older that previously thought

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    Aug 31

    Paper out in ! The underwater jungles of the sea give clearer water! Link to paper:

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