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Server Hosting — Auxiliary Data Center

The Auxiliary Data Center (ADC) is in Livermore, California. This site houses critical administrative and business systems in support of the University's business continuity efforts. Relocating redundant critical systems in The ADC affords greater geographic diversity and additional protection in the event of a level three emergency, such as an earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. This site will operate as a "lights out" facility.

The ADC consists of three rooms, one for electrical equipment (UPS, batteries and switch gear), one for racks and computer equipment, and one for the main network interconnections (a 1 Gbit/second connection).

Maintenance of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems will be performed by the University Zone B department.


University IT Technical Facilities (TFAC) provides (14) fourteen pre-installed racks in the ADC site.

  • Each rack is equipped with (4) four 30 Amp, 208 Volt circuits and (4) four rack power strips.
  • All rack power strips are "switched". Switched rack power strips provide load metering combined with controlled on/off switching by individual outlets for remote power re-cycling. All remote power recycling will be done by the University IT—Information Technology Operations Center (ITS-ITOC). 

In addition, TFAC

  1. Installs, relocates, and removes all client equipment into/out of the racks.
  2. Performs all connections between client equipment and electrical service.
  3. Performs all cabling installation within the data center.
  4. Refer to Responsibility Matrix below for additional services.
  5. Performs all moves and changes, including power and wiring.
  6. Works with all clients to schedule and coordinate the delivery, installation, and removal of all hardware and cabling.

Clients are responsible for disclosing pending changes in their space requirements ahead of time, getting approval for space and having space assigned before bringing any new hardware into the facility.

How to use

Getting started

Requests for server/hardware installations, cabling, and removal of hardware must be submitted via the University IT OrderIT Portal.

For ordering assistance, please call the Service Desk at (650) 725-HELP, Option 2 for ordering.

The Client must provide the necessary fulfillment details to complete the installations and/or cabling at the time of the order. Clients should be prepared to furnish the following information during a preliminary review of all installations in the ADC site:

  • physical space requirements;
  • specialized security considerations;
  • cable topology requirements; and
  • power requirements; and
  • cooling requirements.

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Last modified January 11, 2016