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BlueJeans Login Tips

Log in to BlueJeans

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login.

    log in to BlueJeans

Schedule a meeting

If you are already logged in to BlueJeans in your browser session and need to schedule a meeting but don't see the Login button,  click the Meetings link in the upper-right corner.

attend a meeting screen

Your Meetings room displays. Click Schedule Meeting to schedule a meeting.

your meeting profile

Log in to BlueJeans as Moderator

  1. In the Attend a Meeting section, expand the Join As list and select Moderator.

    join a meeting as a moderator
  2. Enter the Meeting ID.
  3. Enter your meeting or moderator Passcode.
  4. Enter your Name.

You are now in the meeting as a moderator.  This privilege allows you to:

  • invite others directly to the meeting
  • change moderator controls
  • mute participants on entry
  • unmute participants
  • silence participant entry
  • lock the meeting
  • pin participants as primary speaker
  • remove attendees from the meeting
Last modified September 19, 2014