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How to Change Your Default Wireless Network

Changing your wireless network at Stanford

When you register with one of the wireless networks at Stanford, your device may retain that network's SSID (Service Set Identifier) as the default network and connect to it whenever you're on campus. You can change the default network. This can be helpful if you belong to multiple groups and use more than one wireless network at Stanford.

Windows 7 and 8

  1. Click the Start menu (Windows 7), then enter Network and Sharing Center into the search box and press ENTER.
  2. On the left side of Network and Sharing Center, click Manage wireless networks. You'll see all the wireless networks that you’ve connected to in the past.
  3. Change the priority of a wireless network in the list by selecting it and clicking Move up or Move down. The top network in the list has the highest priority.

Mac OS X

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar and then click Open Network Preferences. (Alternatively, from the Apple menu, click System Preferences > Network.)
  2. Select Wi-Fi in the left pane and then click Advanced.
  3. Under the Wi-Fi tab, drag from the list of preferred wireless networks in the center pane to reprioritize them. The network at the top has the highest priority.

For other devices

Refer to your device's documentation or search online for "prioritizing wireless networks" for your device.




Last modified October 27, 2014