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Servers and Data

Centralized server hosting, system administration, cluster management, and Oracle & Microsoft SQL database administration. Local server management for Mac OS X and Windows servers is also available.

Splunk software is used for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data via a web-style interface.

BigFix protects your computers with automatic security updates for operating systems and other popular software.

University IT supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases for the Stanford community. This service is available to faculty and staff in academic and administrative departments that require database administration for applications, or standalone databases operating on Stanford infrastructure.

A wide range of centralized technical support services are available to streamline and enhance departments’ ability to optimize their use of technology. Services include application hosting, backup and storage, cloud backups, database administration, desktop virtualization, source code control and deployment, system administration, and system capacity planning.

OSSEC is a file integrity monitoring application that records changes to a server's file system to help detect and investigate an intrusion or change.

Identity Finder finds High Risk Data that may be hiding in your computer without your knowledge.

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database management system, frequently used in combination with the PHP programming language to build dynamic, interactive Web sites. Stanford’s MySQL Database Hosting service makes accounts and storage space available for Stanford departments and official University groups and services to develop and maintain their own MySQL databases and applications.

For Stanford researchers who want to operate their equipment in a secure, centrally-managed data center.

Hosting services for campus clients who want to operate their equipment in a secure, centrally-managed facility. The hosting service can be either shared (multiple clients with equipment in one rack) or dedicated (only one client's equipment per rack). The primary hosting facility is located in Forsythe Hall.

FarmShare, Stanford's shared computing environment, provides Linux facilities for general and research computing to anyone with a full-service SUNet ID.  There are three environments available, each supporting specific types of shared computing, from general purpose computing tasks to long-running, compute-intensive jobs.

Systems administration service for Linux, Windows, and OS X Server systems, both physical and virtual. The comprehensive service includes installation and configuration, security scanning and vulnerability remediation, maintenance, patch management, stabilization, monitoring, user management, and integration with the campus infrastructure.​ This service is appropriate for mission-critical or development servers.

Virtual Servers are available to Stanford departments as an alternative to hosting and managing dedicated, physical server equipment. Virtualization technology allows multiple virtual servers (also known as virtual machines) to be hosted independently on a single physical server. This service is available for Low Risk, Moderate Risk, and High Risk Data (as defined by the Information Security Office).

University IT manages the Stanford Windows Infrastructure to address issues such as single sign-on, location-independent access to resources, and  manageability and security for the Microsoft Windows platform as implemented at Stanford. Joining the Stanford Windows Infrastructure includes membership in the central "forest" (group of domains). This brings your group the benefits of integration with many of Stanford's other systems while allowing it to retain considerable autonomy in its local domain.