About VPUE

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Our objective is to enrich the undergraduate experience at Stanford. We advocate for undergraduate education in collaboration with students, faculty, schools and departments across the university. All of our resources are dedicated to connecting students with Stanford, involving faculty with undergraduate education, and fully realizing a liberal education.

Opportunities within VPUE

For Students

For undergraduates, VPUE serves as the nexus for key programs and initiatives that both facilitate acclimation to college level work and help you define and achieve your intellectual ambitions at Stanford. Check out opportunities within the VPUE, including classes  and seminars, options for research, pre-term September studies programs, and chances to venture abroad. 

For Faculty

Look into opportunities to further interactions with undergraduates, develop innovative curriculum and pedagogy, and discover ways in which working with undergraduates can further your own research agenda.