About Your Advisors

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It is in your best interest to seek advising early and often from many different sources. Even the most common academic concern can relate to your deepest aspirations. This is why the relationships you form with multiple mentors - UAR Advisors, Pre-Major Advisors, and eventually a Department Advisor - are an essential element of your undergraduate experience.
Your Advisors
Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) is dedicated to introducing you to the full intellectual richness of undergraduate study at Stanford, supporting you in your academic and intellectual pursuits, and instilling within you a deep sense of identity within and belonging to the community of scholars at Stanford.
The relationships you form with your professors, advisors and mentors will shape your undergraduate experience and influence you in ways that will last a lifetime. A hallmark of undergraduate education at Stanford is the opportunity to work closely with faculty (renowned scholars in their fields) who are actively engaged in research.
Each new freshman and transfer student is assigned a Pre-Major Advisor (PMA), a Stanford faculty or staff member who volunteers to advise a small cohort of students from the time they first arrive until they declare a major. Your PMA is a mentor who can help you navigate your Stanford journey.
Who to go to and how to contact them when you need an appointment.