Opportunities & Research

Opportunities & Research
Stanford offers you a wide array of opportunities which will enrich your academic life and help you personalize your education. Here is a guide to some of the important offerings you should consider during your undergraduate career.
Opportunities by Area
One of the best ways to sharpen your intellectual interests is through research or an independent project. Learn more about how you can take part in the Stanford tradition of inquiry, investigation, and discovery.
Fellowships and scholarships can provide you with financial support for undergraduate, graduate, and professional study, as well as internships, travel, and mentoring opportunities.
You can be awarded for your academic, research or writing excellence.
There are many opportunities for you to participate in arts communities during your time at Stanford, including fine arts, dance, drama, creative writing, music, media and film.
Stanford University offers you a variety of off-campus opportunities to enrich and diversify your undergraduate experience.
Whether you believe leaders are born or made, Stanford provides numerous opportunities for you to develop leadership skills.
Stanford offers you a wide variety of public and community service opportunities, ranging from on-campus courses to off-campus research to community-based leadership projects.
Diversity Outreach at Stanford offers internships, fellowships and exchange programs, as well as other unique opportunities.
Advisors and advising resources are available to you to help you understand general concepts about graduate and professional schools. Explore the opportunities available and discern which path is right for you.
Get connected with resources for planning, support and inspiration for your life after Stanford.