Considerations for Professional School

You can create a path to professional school that is uniquely your own and allows you to explore opportunities at Stanford. Consult with UAR Advisors to ensure that you are aware of your options, the benefits and costs, curricular requirements, extracurricular research and exploration, and timelines.
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There is a great deal of flexibility with designing academic plans that prepare you for business school.
Schools of Education offer several different kinds of graduate programs. Credentialing programs do test for knowledge of specific disciplines so it's a good idea to pursue whichever major truly interests you.
Most law schools welcome all majors, so pursue something you find intellectually exciting. As long as your major requires you to write well and to develop critical thinking, you can become a strong applicant.
For any of the health professions, you may major in any discipline. Click here for an overview of the basic course requirements for medical schools and the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).