Kirsti Copeland

Kirsti Copeland

Associate Dean, Residential and Pre-Major Advising
Ph.D., Princeton University, Religion (2001)
M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School (1995)
A.B., Princeton University, Religion (1993)


Kirsti Copeland has been an Associate Dean in Undergraduate Advising and Research since 2013. She oversees the Academic Advising Director and Pre-Major Advisor Programs. Academic Advising Directors are full-time, professional advisors who hold Ph.D.s in a variety of disciplines. With offices located in the undergraduate residences, Academic Advising Directors work with students on choosing courses, choosing majors, getting involved in research, connecting to faculty, requesting exceptions to University policy, and managing academics in the context of difficult situations. Pre-Major Advisors are volunteer faculty and staff advisors who guide 4-6 incoming freshmen a year until they declare a major at the end of their sophomore year.

Kirsti has worked in the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford for over a decade. She began her career in the VPUE teaching for Stanford's oldest residentially integrated learning environment for freshmen, Structured Liberal Education. She subsequently was a teaching fellow for another freshman program, Introduction to Humanities. Kirsti transitioned full-time to advising as an Academic Advising Director in 2008 and began managing the Academic Advising Director and Pre-Major Advising programs two years later.

As part of her scholarly work, Kirsti has appeared in five documentaries, which aired on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the National Geographic Channel. Kirsti continues to teach in Religious Studies and Classics.