Academic Planning

About Academic Planning
Academic planning resources provide inspiration and guidance to help you design your own journey.
Design Your Journey
Be inspired by student projects.
The NExT Video Series (New, Exciting, Timely) seeks to connect you with the full breadth of options and opportunities available to them through The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.
Learn from successful Stanford figures about the value of rejection, failure, or disappointment.
These resources will help you develop a personally coherent, meaningful education out of the diverse courses that Stanford offers.
Cardinal Compass helps you navigate through your first year at Stanford and assists in building a freshman year that takes full advantage of the wealth of courses available through Stanford Introductory Studies.
Choose your path to best suit individual interests and academic preferences.
A hallmark of undergraduate education at Stanford is the opportunity to work closely with faculty, renowned scholars in their fields who are actively engaged in research. Learn more about how to work with Stanford's faculty.
Explore Stanford's honors programs and learn how it can enhance your academic experience.
Find out how Stanford provides the means for students to acquire a liberal education that encompasses General Education requirements, major requirements, and electives.
Get an overview of important Stanford policies.