Zhou Research Lab


Dr. Zhou's research is funded by the NIH, the American Heart Association, and various industry sources. Her vascular research laboratory focuses on pathogenesis of atherosclerotic lesion formation and molecular mechanisms of intimal hyperplasia and restenosis. Her clinical research interests are long term outcomes of endovascular interventions, particularly endovascular aneurysm repair and neurocognitive outcome following carotid intervention. Innovational treatment approaches for cardiovascular diseases are also evaluated at Palo Alto VA hospital by her research team.


Wei Zhou, MD - Principal Investigator

Laboratory Research: Sharla White, PhD (Postdoc)

Hailei Li, MD (Visiting Scholar)

Richard Ding, PhD (Research Associate)

Clinical Research:

Dona Bahmani, MD (Clinical Study Coordinator)

Liza Hitchner, MS (Project Coordinator)

Research Funding

All research projects are supported by AHA, NIH, and industry partners.  All projects are active and recruiting.

  • Ginsenoside Rb1 decreases injury-induced vascular restenosis  (NIH/NCCAM R21) 
  • Neurocognitive Effects of Subclinical Microembolization Associated with Carotid Interventions  (NIH/NINDS R01 and AHA CRP)  
  • Evaluating carotid plaque morphology using IVUS  (Volcano Inc)
  • Comparison of Safety and Primary Patency Between FUSIONTM vascular graft FUSIONTM vascula graft with bioline, adn EXXCELTM soft ePTFE (FINEST)  (Maquet Cardiovascular LLC)
  • ECLECTIC trial: To evaluate cilostazol in Combination with L-Carnitine in subjects with Intermittent claudication  (Coronado Prevention Center)

Contact Information

For information about enrolling in these Clinical Trials at the VAPAHCS, please contact:

Dona Bahmani, Clinical Research Coordinator at VAPAHCS 
(650) 849-0357