Water in the West is organized around four main programs: Watershed Health, Sustainable Groundwater, Water and Energy, and Water Allocation and Management. These programs seek to integrate disciplines, redefine old concepts and reimagine policies and institutions that have traditionally hindered sustainable management. While these programs are distinctive, they complement one another in many ways.

Our Programs

Groundwater recharge pond - Coachella, CA

Sustainable Groundwater

Through interdisciplinary research, we identify and develop solutions for more effective groundwater management and policy.

Water Allocation & Management

Water in the West conducts research to find paths to efficient water allocation.

Water & Energy

Water in the West develops tools and best management practices to effectively and efficiently integrate water and energy management.

Watershed Health

Our interdisciplinary work strives to find solutions to the difficult problem of preserving rivers and streams while supplying adequate water to cities, farms, and ranches.